The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Posted by Brad on June 21, 2016

Today I invited a few close friends to “like” my newly created Facebook page for these8bits, and one of them not only did so, but then proceeded to invite a handful of her friends she thought might be interested in my writing.

I was hugely appreciative that she did this for me, but it was also scary, and in teasing apart precisely why it was scary, I stumbled across something:

I believe that no one wants to hear what I have to say.

This is a belief I hold while simultaneously knowing it to be false. It’s a “limiting belief” if I’ve ever seen one, one to get rid of.

It’s not so much that I want to become an accomplished writer or blogger, or that I even necessarily want people to listen to what I have to say; it’s more that I need to see the value in what I do and in what I’m capable of, or I know I’ll never reach my highest potential, in writing or in communication or in anything. Furthermore, it’s just no way to live, stunted and internally conflicted.

So I’m here today to publish something, to push back against my faulty belief with action, and ask you:

What lies are you telling yourself?

(This isn’t meant to be rhetorical, by the way; I’m literally asking. You can get in touch by any of the means below, if you’d like to share!)