Me & the things I like

Hey! I’m Brad, and my absolute favorite things are language learning and programming. At the moment, I’m trying to marry those two, by creating tools that help people learn languages.

You can find me at any of the links at the bottom of the page, but I’m especially happy to chat with you on Twitter!

Languages I like

As for human languages, I’m a native English speaker, fluent enough in Japanese, and learning Mandarin Chinese.

I’ve also learned a couple constructed languages out of curiousity, namely Esperanto (using Duolingo) and Toki Pona (using Memrise). I haven’t used either of them for anything in particular, but find the concept fascinating.

Programming things I like

As for programming languages, I usually say that I’m native in Ruby and fluent in JavaScript. Lately though, I’ve been learning Elixir, and am currently building a web application using Phoenix, a web app framework for Elixir.

I’m a full-stack developer, but prefer to stay server-side, if I have the option. Besides the languages above and their respective ecosystems, my digital workbench consists of Linux Mint MATE, zsh, vim, and Chrome (Dev Tools).

Things I’ve made

I’ve got a Japanese-related project that will be launching very soon. More on that in the coming weeks…

Brad’s Guide to Japanese Verbs (ebook) - After learning Japanese, I realized how hard it was for me to learn how verbs worked, and decided to write a short guide to try to help others avoid the same fate!

daily bits (YouTube channel) - a few screencasts about programming tools & workflow

Web App From Scratch (ebook / site) - I wrote this guide a few years back in an attempt to explain all the components of a web application and how they fit together. It’s more than a bit rambly, often too detailed, and not nearly connected enough, but it does an earnest job at trying to go through everything you need to know to build a rudimentary web app.

HTTP on Rails (ebook) - Learn some of the problems that Ruby on Rails aims to solve, then learn Rails.